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bowIn dance our core muscles are the deep muscles at the center of our being. By engaging them, everything else can be fluid and relaxed. You can hold a balance, or move with great speed when you are connected to your core.

What’s your core?

I believe it’s the essence of who you are. It’s the part of you that is always steady, even in a raging storm.

It’s that quiet place deep within where you are fully integrated with your values in every area of your life. And you are alive with a sense of purpose. Where you listen to your heart first and head second, and you allow your authentic brilliance to shine.

When you connect to that core, it’s easier to keep your balance, no matter how turbulent life gets.

So the core muscles of a balanced life are your purpose, your values and your natural gifts. That’s your true powerhouse, and just like the muscles of our body, they are all connected. When you base your on life these things… that is the ultimate secret to success.

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“Easy, understandable tools and ideas that I can use immediately.”
“Liz is as great as her material.”
“She gave me the steps to solve a problem, I struggle with.”
“The information was presented in a simple and concise manner, but also in a way that was entertaining and fun.”
“Fun, quick paced, uplifting.”
“Specific, doable steps.”
“She is fabulous!”
“I love Liz’s attitude, personality and sense of humor.”